Whether it's a business trip or a vacation. The Refined Mutt will take care of your dog while your away, keeping his routine regular, with the least amount of stress. The Refined Mutt provides care through several visits daily, to feed and provide clean water, regular walks and playtime with your dog.

A training walk corrects problems you have while walking your dog. Great for dogs that pull, react to other dogs or eat everything in site.

The Refined Mutt service will train your dog and return it to you with an easy to follow plan.
We do the training for you!
This is a popular training program for individuals who have limited time for training. Your dog will stay in my home and will be trained in real world environments encountering all daily life distractions. We will have phone meetings with you so you can keep up with your dogs progress.
Once boarding school is completed and your dog is home, you will have a plan that's easy to follow.
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