is one of the most powerful tools to modify your dog's behavior. It uses something that your dog wants, like a food treat, to get more of a specific behavior. Your dog is taught to respond to verbal and hand signals through food rewards and clicker training techniques.
is used with positive reinforcement as a marker telling the dog that he's doing something right at the moment of the click. Dogs will do more of what works and less of what doesn't.
For dogs with no previous obedience training. Eye contact, sit/stay, down/heel, come here, wait, leave it and house training.
For dogs that need a refresher class. Helpful for dealing with behavior problems, such as barking, destructive chewing, fear, leash tugging.
Basic home manners: Special attention for those adjusting to a new home, emphasis on mouthing, jumping and whining.
One-on-one consultation for basic manners and obedience lessons. Taught in your home at your dog's pace. A program will be custom designed for your dog to succeed. We will consult with you before training to discuss realistic goals and to address individual needs and concerns.
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